This is one day of the week that I have come to look forward to.  Especially the one Wednesday that Shannon and I get together and go on one of our photo excursions.  We have always liked taking photographs, have gotten better cameras as the years have gone along, and enjoyed showing our results to each other.

Our photo Wednesday is like looking forward to your 7th birthday! I say 7th because at our age they aren’t quite as much fun as 7, but photo Wednesday’s are!

This last autumn, we decided to take our first excursion together and share and compare the shots we did together.  We have different eyes for our shots, and when we compared our shots of the same subject, we found that we could really enjoy doing this.  Each shot that we took showed our own perspective of the subject matter, showing the similarities and the differences.  It was really a lot of fun.

Of course we could have fun doing most anything together. Our photos, even though they had the same subject matter, were very telling. You can stand right next to someone and see something completely different. Your focus might be just a little to one direction or the other and that makes for a completely different picture. It’s fascinating really, you learn to appreciate things you might not have even seen before.

We took our cameras in hand and began our tour of the city.  Autumn is great time around here to take pictures with the trees turning from green to yellows and reds all over town.  Hard to pick out the deciduous trees during the summer as we have so many pines, but it gets so much easier in the fall.  I think that we took these pictures in October (correct me if I’m wrong, Shan) and we traveled to the south hill and beautiful Manito Park and the Japanese Gardens.  We couldn’t have had a nicer day.

Our city, Spokane really is beautiful, so many parks and interesting buildings around town, and when our trees get dressed in their Autumn best, it’s a wonderful sight to see. Manito Park is just one of our lovely places to visit. It’s 90 acres of just about everything you could want in a park. It has an arboretum, botanical gardens and a conservatory. Year round fun and beauty.  It really is a photographer’s dream. Many senior portraits and weddings have been photographed there.

I was thrilled to visit the Rose Garden in Manito.  Everything was still in full bloom.  The groundskeepers at Manito work so hard and really keep everything so wonderful.  Kudos to all of you!

Maybe we need another outing!

Judy         shannon

Lower Manito Park, the Duck Pond and the Japanese Gardens

Manito Park, Spokane at Duncan Gardens and the Rose Garden.  Photos taken by both of us in October, 2015.


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