Challenge Accepted

Hi there! We’ve been nominated to take part in a 3 day quote challenge! I have a ton of quotes, stashed here and there. This gives me a chance to use them. We were nominated by Retirizing Adventures in retiring and downsizing. Go check it out and see what she’s got going on.

The way this works is, I post one quote or saying for 3 days (one a day). Then I nominate 3 blogs to do the same. I’ll post links to the new blogs so you can check them out too.

So today I nominate:

1. Days with Grey  This is a great read with wonderful ideas for keeping your preschool or toddlers busy
2. Journeys of Yoga Abby is all about leading a healthier more holistic life
3. Busy Bee She is blogging about creating a simpler, more meaningful life while battling against busy! Now who doesn’t want that?
The rules for this challenge are:

Post one quote each day for 3 days
A theme for each day is good but not necessary
Nominate 3 other fantastic blogs
Remember to inform your nominees on their blog
My quote for today is…


I love this quote. It’s how I try to live my life. Make the best out of every situation. Besides, dancing and rain can be very liberating.

By the way, I found this photo on Pinterest but I couldn’t find it’s origin, so if you know or you are the origin let me know so I can give credit where it’s due. Also, I hope you’ll go check out Retirizing Adventures in retiring and downsizing and the wonderful blogs I’ve nominated. Now, go dance in the rain!


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