Photo Wednesday…the gals are on the road!

Judy and I have been friends almost forever, kindred spirits in many ways, mani table friends for years. Then last fall we decided to go on a little photo excursion on my day off. That’s when we did our Manito Park trip. Well, earlier this year we were talking and decided our next outing would be a circle around a small part of our state. From Spokane to Steptoe Butte, then through farm country and to Palouse Falls.

We started off very early and the day was beautiful, sunny but not too hot. We do have a couple of rules for our Photo Wednesday’s, #1 If you want to stop you have to say so! #2 If we miss something, we will go back. We are very strict with our rules too.

The sun was just coming over the horizon so we got a couple of shots of that, but the first winner of the day came when Judy saw a tree! Yep, a tree. So off the highway, down a dirt road, around a bend and there it was, Judy’s tree. And she got the 1st winner of the day.


Of course in our book, they’re all winners. Because we have so much fun getting them. They aren’t all perfect photos, but all winners. After the tree we discovered this little country cemetery. With the morning sunlight shining through the trees it was beautiful.

Steptoe Butte was our next destination. Steptoe Butte is 3612′ above sea level, but it stands 1000′ above the rolling hills that surround it. This is such a strange dome  out in the middle of the farm fields. There used to be a fancy hotel at the top but it burned to the ground many years ago in 1911, now just the stories remain, and the amazing view. A 360 degree view of the Indian battlegrounds turned farmlands. On a clear day visibility can be 70-100 miles, taking in the Blue Mountains in one direction to Mt. Spokane in the other and of course the small communities and surrounding farmlands.

From there we went down to a small town called Colfax and headed across the wheat fields, past the weathered barns and historical farmhouses to Palouse Falls. The falls are spectacular, dropping 200 feet to the pool below then meandering down between the rocky canyon walls to intersect with the Snake River. They just might be the most photographed falls in Washington State. That’s not a fact, just my opinion. In the spring and early summer the water roars over the cliff to the river below and in the winter the spray freezes on the walls of the canyon sometimes freezing the waterfall completely. There are trails that lead up right to the edge of the falls then down into to ravine where the water pools below. It really is a wonderful place!


We wandered around the park at the falls and ate our picnic lunch at one of the picnic tables provided. Besides the falls, there is so much to see. There’s a good size population of marmots living there. They may be a nuisance at our home, but this is their home and they’re pretty darn cute here, and we were lucky to be there when the mamas and young’ns were out sunning themselves. This is a pretty busy place and the day we were there someone had swamped their boat. I don’t know the story but hopefully everyone was ok. You just never know what you’re going to see on one of our outings.


From here we headed back home to Spokane. This was a pretty full day with about 240 miles under our belt. On the way home, we were already planning our next photo trip. But that’s another story.

Get out there and see what you can see in your area and be sure to share it with us. We’d love to see what you see.

Judy here…..I think that the only thing shan left out was the fact that, yes, it was sunny but on the top of Steptoe Butte, it was just darn cold.  And the wind was blowing like a banshee.  From up there, I was sort of wishing that we hadn’t stopped for coffee before we left Spokane, but then wishes are what they are, sometimes just so much smoke in the wind. Thank goodness for the proper facilities, but boy, it was cold.  A really good day for both of us, and we did get some really fabulous shots.  At least we were happy girls.

So very true, my friend!


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