Nice Work if You Can Get It!

As you know by now, Judy and I met across the nail table. Actually that’s only partially true. She is the sister-in-law of a woman I used to be partners with. Teri and I worked together for many years and when the owner of the salon that we worked at retired, Teri and 3 other great women and I bought the salon. Teri introduced Judy and I, Judy became a regular nail client, we became friends and as they say, the rest is history. When Teri retired I got salon custody of Judy and I’m thankful to Teri, because I got a great friend out of the deal.

I started in the industry as a full fledged cosmetologist, eventually I found my passion in nails and I have been specializing in nails for many years how. It really is where my heart is. I love doing nails. I love talking to my clients, making their nails look pretty, making them feel pretty and I love nail art. I always tell people that I have a gravy job. I get to hold hands, talk to friends and laugh all day long. That’s a gravy job! And I get to play with color and sparkly stuff too! So fun!


When I first started doing nail art, it was almost scandalous. Of course it was nothing like we do now, but since no one had it, it was out there! It started with a simple line diagonally across the nail, we used a lot of nail tape, gold, silver, black and white mostly. Now, the sky’s the limit! Most of my clients get nail art now, I’ve slowly bullied I mean, coerced them into it.

Halloween is a very popular time for nail art. It’s fun to do pumpkins and ghosts. Surprisingly, my most popular design is a spider in a web. My clients like something quick and simple so they don’t have to sit for long appointments.

Football season brings mad love for The Seahawks.

Thanksgiving is off limits. I did a pilgrim once and he looked like, well let’s just say he wasn’t very thankful. I can however do turkeys…cooked, or the backend of one, yes, a turkey butt, you know the feathers all fanned out. Yeah, it was a mutual decision, my clients and I agreed that I should take November off from nail art. But that sends us right into Christmas, the second most popular time for nail art. Christmas comes with a boundless supply of ideas. Christmas trees, light strings, reindeer and Santa Claus. We just have so much fun!

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Holidays are easy, they have a theme, but lately I’ve tried some new techniques. We’ve had some interesting misses along the way, but some great hits too! Water marbling, stamping and some chrome polishing powders. All fun and beautiful techniques.

Yes, this is my work, my job, my career. But it’s also my passion. I love color and I love creating. I like the fun of seeing if I can recreate something. I have a couple of clients who enjoy finding different nail art pics or themes. We’ve done watermelon, strawberries, tie-dye. We even did peacock feathers. That one was a really fun one. I may look at pictures, but I always do it my own way. It just has to be original…and fun.

Judy and I have started doing more art on her nails over the last couple years. For her Gonzaga Women’s Basketball games, we do their team colors, red, white and blue. You can’t beat that combination. We’ve talked about combining some of my nail techniques with her jewelry. I think that could be a kick, and make some great jewelry. Stamping might be a good one to try, and water marbling, oh yeah, I’m seeing some gorgeous designs happening here. Now we just need to find some time for it.

What is your passion? Is it your job or your fun, or do you get to combine the two? Show us what you love.



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