Close to home

Just a few miles northwest of Spokane lies one of the prettiest valleys in all of Eastern Washington.  We decided to take a mini tour of Williams Valley on one of our wonderful Wednesdays, then south to Long Lake Dam and back towards Spokane along Highway 291.  And we seemed to luck out and had picked a gorgeous fall day.

We found farms and fields filled with all types of crops; derelict log cabins tucked away in secluded forests, and sometimes right out in the middle of the fields.  One of the newest crops to surface this year was a gorgeous field of sunflowers right across from the Wildrose Cemetery.  This field was in addition to other sunflower fields scattered all over the valley. And as was the norm for us, we had to stop (along with a lot of others) and take pictures. As I drove by the other day, they were harvesting the field.  Didn’t get a chance to stop, but the truck that was parked by the road was full of sunflower seeds, and it looked as though the harvester had only been around the field a couple of times so far.

After enjoying the sunflower field, we were just kind of going wherever the road took us and stumbled across the old cemetery that is tucked away from the main roads and maintains it’s humble beginnings, Williams Valley Hill Side Cemetery. Quiet and peaceful with it’s many very old gravestones, the cemetery offers true tranquility.  As we proceeded on our search for the new, old and unusual, we found many things along the roadside, a gnarled old stump, a pair of shoes perched on a rock waiting for the owner to come back for them, and rural mailboxes, all in a row.

We then headed toward Long Lake Dam and saw several osprey nests, still occupied by families of osprey.  The young were getting so big that they were almost the same size as the parents.  We found one nest at the viewpoint above the dam, so close that we got some terrific pictures.  After visiting the park area below the dam, we headed for home a quick review of the pictures that we took this wonderful afternoon.  I have come to the conclusion that shan and I are getting closer and closer to matching picture for picture with just a slight slant of the eye.  We really do have some wonderful times and pictures that we share.


It was such a great day. William’s Valley Cemetery is a peaceful little area. The dates in there go so far back it almost transports you to a different time. If those stones could talk…well, Judy and I would be so far away from there in a flash, but…the stories they would tell, if they could talk. Then there were the sunflowers. This is a relatively new crop that has been growing in popularity over the last 5 years or so around here. I love going to see them every year. They look like happy little children all lined up soaking up some sun. You can’t help but smile. Thanks Judy, for another great Wednesday!




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