Relax, we’re on vacation

A nice relaxing vacation. It’s good for the soul. No worries, just relax and enjoy the days. Unless of course the weather center predicts 70-100 mile per hour winds, 8-12 inches of rain and 30-50 foot waves over the next couple days.

The wind trying to yank hubby’s camera from his grip and me with my coat up around my neck. No, it isn’t a scarf, it’s a poncho-type wrap and if you could see it, my shirt was working it’s way up there too.

My husband and I love the beach. It’s where we take our vacations, it’s where we plan on moving after retirement. We go with the mindset that everything we encounter is just another experience. I love all the different weather on the coast. The way the fog drifts in, covers everything in a shroud of mystery then wafts up and over the hills. The rain pitter-pattering or pounding against the sidewalks and windows, and then the sunshine comes out dropping little sparkling diamonds on the leaves and pavement and shimmering across the water.

The experience this time was quite a new one for us. The first day was beautiful. Sparkling diamonds on the water. Even though the seas were a bit rough we still got to spot whales and see a couple boats out on the ocean. However, the weather reports talked of some ominous changes coming. We were still able to drive the coast highway and see all our favorite haunts.

The next day brought rain and wind. A lot of rain and a lot of wind. We could still get out, but most of our site seeing was from the car, through the windows. It was still a wonderful time with great sights. I have never seen the water so high in Depoe Bay, or Boiler Bay. I believe we’ve seen some big waves over the years, but the overall depth of the water was phenomenal. We sat for hours watching the waves breaking and crashing. No whales today.

We listened to the news that evening and sadly, this waning typhoon Songda curled around and moved right up the coast sending out 2 tornadoes, one in Oceanside and one in a beautiful small coastal town called Manzanita. No lives were lost and to some people this is small potatoes coming on the heels of Hurricane Matt which devastated the East Coast just a few days before. But to the people here on the West Coast, the ones who lost their homes, the cleanup from the flooding and the downed trees and power lines, this storm was horrible enough. In an area where this just doesn’t happen, these potatoes are pretty big! And they were predicting worse for the next day.


We holed up in our motel room most of Saturday. The internet was down so we just relaxed and watched the rain and wind hit the windows. Luckily, they were wrong, Saturday wasn’t worse. The winds were still strong and there was a lot of rain, but no tornadoes and no tsunamis, so we ventured out in the late afternoon looking for dinner. A lot of places were closed and we didn’t blame them. We bought some meats, some cheese and crackers and drove around a bit to see what we could see.

We saw a herd of elk just lazing in a field, some flooding and some downed branches, but where we were, the beauty of our beloved beach was still there. The next morning we woke up to a beautiful day, the sun came up shining gorgeous God-light through the clouds.

We love the beach and all it has to offer. We take it for granted and revel in all it’s splendor. But every now and then, something happens that lets us know, there is more to it than just a place to relax and that sometimes a little worry is ok. Of course, for me this just renews all the glory and the power that there is at the beach. Mother Nature will always win.DSCF6473.jpg

Do you love the beach or are you a mountain lover? Where do you go to relax and rejuvenate? Has Mother Nature ever challenged your vacation?


2 thoughts on “Relax, we’re on vacation”

  1. Beautiful pictures Shannon. You know me I love the ocean too…it must of been breath taking to see the waves crashing so high. Glad that you are both safe. Now we need a hockey game :0)

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  2. I do enjoy the beach, and recently I visited Puerto Penasco, Mexico. I camped there with a friend and it was a bit hot as far as dealing with the elements. But the beach was beautiful. As for what I do as of late, is camping with my family in our camper trailer, but I’m good with a stay at a nice resort too. I live in Arizona so it’s nice when I can snag a deal for a short getaway.

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