Ah, Fall

I guess that Fall is one of my favorite seasons, just because of the colors.  I love to get outside and look for the “perfect picture”.  Mind you, I haven’t taken it yet as I keep going back for more.  Sunshine, rain and fog, and then more sunshine, it certainly brings out the colors.

I took a little time several days ago and walked around my yard, and wanted to share my wonderful findings.  We have had new and old visitors, and I have had to look up a couple of the new ones; a wonderful baby blue and gray dragonfly, a turkey vulture, a hawk, quail, mule deer yearlings who later met up with 2 mature bucks and 1 doe, and a large cottontail that was probably the one that ate all my petunias.

I noticed, by the way, that some of my bushes and small trees have an abundance of berries this year.  Does this mean that we are going to have a terrific snow season or something we can call terrible?  Berries, in all their glory, have appeared this year in record numbers on my Hawthorne tree, burning bush, ornamental cherry tree and a thorny bush which we have named the turkey bush as turkeys are ones who clear the bush of the berries all winter.

Winter? Snow? Rain? Sleet?

Who knows, anyway?  Let me know if you do!



2 thoughts on “Ah, Fall”

  1. What a great visit to your little neck of the woods. The colors this year have been incredible and you captured them beautifully. Those turkey vultures though, need to go back to their prehistoric homes wherever that may be! Thanks for the tour!

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