My day off!

Really now, think about it.  Here I am, retired, experiencing a day off.  What the heck? Don’t you think that I probably have every day off.  Well, I really do, except for multiple obligations that I have submitted to of my own free will.  And I find that I am busier than when I was working full time.  Sometimes that is really a lot of fun and I don’t regret those times, and sometimes it is just a bother.  So I decided to use part of my day as “my day off”.

Friday was going to be busy.  I went to see shan that morning to get my nails done.  We wanted extra time to play as shan was experimenting with some new techniques and I was all in because we were doing my nails in Gonzaga colors as the Women’s Basketball team was playing their first game of the season vs. Corban. And they turned out great!

When I finished making sure my nails were really dry, I hopped in the car and decided what to do next.  Did I need food……… probably.  As usual, I ran out of the house without breakfast.  So I stopped at a fast food joint, got some nourishment, and headed to a local park to sit and people watch.  I pulled the car into the car park in front of the playground.  I was pleased  to see the abundance of parents taking the younger children for an outing.  And was also pleased to see the number of fathers there (one in a suit) that equaled the mothers, all giving their children a pleasant afternoon of fun. Dog walkers; seniors; and couples holding hands; all walking in the park on this bright afternoon.  I was so relaxed, the window of the car rolled down, just enjoying the 60 degree weather we so missed in October.  Well, that left me with time on my hands until the game……what to do next?  I tell you what, I spent a lot of time just sitting there, watching, reading my book, and trying not to fall asleep.  It was heaven, my day off.


I picked Char up (she is my basketball partner since neither of our husbands are interested in going to the games) and we headed to McCarthey Athletic Center on the Gonzaga campus.

I will have to tell you more about the Women’s Basketball program on a later blog. Char and I have been fans for several years, are season ticket holders, and have gone to Vegas for the WCC Tournament for the past 4 years. Stories to tell there!  Lots of new faces on the roster this year.  The girls played great and won the game 86 to 31.  It was an exhibition game, with the regular season starting the end of December. All in all, a good way to end my day off!













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