Oh, But For A Sleigh On My Coffee Cup…

So…I’ve kinda been down this weekend. No not depressed, bummed or sad. I’ve had a horrible phlegmy hacking cough, cold. Nice description, eh? It would have sounded worse, if I would have said what my brain thinks of it. Anyhoo, I have stayed mostly at home because I can’t do anything without coughing and sputtering. I’ve played my iPad games and read Facebook and watched football. My hubby has been wonderful. He’s made our meals all weekend, I don’t blame him, I don’t even want to handle my own food, let alone someone else’s.

Now, it’s Monday morning and I don’t work today (thankfully). I’m bored so I thought I’d look at some of the news things that magically appeared after the recent Apple update. There’s a lot of sub categories and sub sub categories. People, there is a whole section on coffee! It’s like…Explore, Channels, Kitchen…sub category-food, sub sub category drinks. Well anyway, it was way down in the sub subs and I guess there’s a big to-do about Starbucks cups. I remember last year when they removed the Christmas scenes from their cups. They served their coffee in plain red cups…gasp! I’m pretty sure mine didn’t taste as yummy as the year before when Santa was on my cup. Really? Come on! So this year, in the interim between whatever and Christmas cups, they have been using green cups with people on the sides. These simple drawings of people are actually kind of interesting as they are all connected and drawn in one continuous line. Evidentially they were released as a statement of unity during the unrest of our presidential election. Not a bad statement and I bet the coffee tastes pretty unified when you drink it from this cup.


Now, here’s the kicker (told ya, I watched too much football this weekend). People are upset because they thought this was going to be their holiday cup! Seriously, how can I possibly drink my over-priced, over-sweet yummy Starbucks out of a green unity cup? It’s just blasphemy! I mean…I need my red sleigh or snowflake cup to drink out of! I can’t possibly get through this holiday season without it!


You know I’m being silly, at least I hope you do. I do love Starbucks and a number of other lesser known brands of coffee. I even like the changes in the cups as time goes through seasons or whatever. But, the pictures on my cup does not dictate where I will buy my coffee or how my coffee will taste. Now, if they started putting nude ladies on my cups, I may choose to go to a different stand, as I choose not to go through the lingerie stands that exist now. But really, I do not think my happy holidays depend on whether or not Starbucks has a red or green cup, with or without snowflakes or the like.

I just wonder why, why do we take everything so personally? Why does everything we do have to make a statement? I mean, if you want to make a statement, go make it. But don’t hitch your wagon to every thing around you and then get sore because my wagon doesn’t hitch to yours.

If you want to support a cause, make it one you believe in not just because. Maybe my wagon isn’t red or green, maybe it’s sky-blue-pink with purple polka dots…wanna ride?



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