Dim & Dimmer

I know very little about my car except how to drive it.  Maintenance I leave to competent others, my husband, my mechanic, and of course, my relatives.

We were driving home one night from a function attended by my daughter-in-law and me.   My better half and my son opted to take us to our meeting and bring us back home…….in my car.  I didn’t mind, it was nice not to have to drive myself.  From the front seat came the conversation from my son about my headlights being so dim.  “Dad, you really should replace the headlamps.”  And that was the end of the conversation.

The next day we all hop into my son’s car, head to WSU to visit #1 grandson, see the campus, his apartment and his new pet, “Paddy” the cat.  Love the cat (and the grandson), independent, headstrong and all cat.  It did sit in Grandma’s lap for all of 20 seconds, then down to the floor to play with a laser spot which was always just out of reach. Funny cat!  Next, home again and a nice meal awaiting us along with grandson #2.  And as we were getting ready to leave, grandson #2 mentions that he would be picking up new headlamps for my car tomorrow.  I suspected that the men had all talked about this out in the shop sometime during this visit, so didn’t think anything of it.

So, the long and the short of it was; it was just assumed by my son and grandson that we needed to change the lights, and that I accepted their offer to pick up new lamps.  Confusion reigned supreme with all of us.  But, again, no harm, no foul.  They were right, I needed new headlights.

I was in town on Friday again, both my son and grandson’s day off.  One of my errands of the day was to pick up the new lamps for the headlights and head back home.  As soon as I got there, my son called to my grandson (he was entrenched in the teen lair, the basement) and asked if he would go ahead and replace the lamps in the headlights for me.  He readily agreed and said that it wouldn’t take long.   And I settled down for a nice conversation with my son.  It was quickly interrupted by my grandson who asked, “Grandma, how long are you in town for?  I am going to have to drop the bumper to change the lamps.  Do you have time?”  At that point, my son rose from his chair, reached for his coat, and said that it was nuts to have to drop the bumper, he would go take a look himself.  And about five minutes later, my grandson came back to get the keys to the car to retrieve the owner’s manual and see if the manual would explain and clarify the dilemma.  Manual found, problem solved, new headlamps installed, and my car can see in the dark once again.

Love my kids!!  Judy


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