Coming Out Of The Dark Ages

I am slowly realizing how far out of “it” I am. Not so long ago I was “with it”. Oh I was never completely in the throng of fashion and popularity. No, I liked doing my own thing too much for that. But I could talk the talk and maybe even walk the walk sometimes…when I didn’t stumble over my own feet or a sunbeam.

But lately, I’m noticing that “it” has moved on without me. I was reading something the other day explaining words that the kids are using these days. Dang, I can’t even remember any of them now, but actually I haven’t heard my own grandkids use them so I don’t know how popular the words really are. I have grands from 4 years old up to 23 so I would think at least a couple of them are “with it”. Now I know that using the term “with it” puts me right out of “it”. I’m “with it” enough to know that.

I remember my Mom’s reaction to the words we used to use. Cool, groovy (yes, we really did use that one) peace baby, like, and right on. I’ve been watching reruns of old sitcoms of  Nanny and The Professor and The Ghost and Mrs. Muir at night. It’s been refreshing my hippy vocabulary of yesteryear. My Mom used to react to the words with smart little comebacks of her own. I’d say ‘Oh yeah, it’s really cool’ and she’d say ‘well then we should warm it up!’ Or I’d say ‘He’s so groovy’ and she reply does he need ironing?’ Yes, my Mom was a smart Alec.



I do notice that “like” has never gone out of style. It used to drive Mom crazy just as it did me with my own kids and now with some of the grand kids. Everything is like…’we’re gonna go and like hang out at the mall’, ‘she was all like dancing around and stuff’ or ‘like, she was like flirting with him and like, she knows I like him’. Yep, we said it then and they’re still saying it now.

My kids drove me crazy with dude. Everyone was dude, including me. I used to reply with…”yes Missy?”. Hahaha, not a very popular reply when you have boys, but it did get their attention. Of course dude is still popular today. I remember the first time our oldest son heard his dad use it. I don’t remember the conversation but Dad called someone a dude and Doug cracked up laughing. ‘Did he just call him dude?’ He asked between laughing fits. Yes Darling he did. We really don’t live in the dark ages, it’s just that our best memories are there and Dad’s phone. Some day you’ll see. Now, said son is in his 40’s and finding out that it isn’t that easy to stay “with it”.


Flower Power

Things come and go…and come around again, and again…And with that, I have returned to my happy little out of “it” corner.

What words did you use to drive your folks crazy. What ones do your kids or grandkids use?


3 thoughts on “Coming Out Of The Dark Ages”

  1. Dude seems a term of endearment amongst men. You can imagine my non-verbals when my brother tried gaining my attention the other day by calling me dude. Lol. He must have thought he was talking to his bro’ on the basketball court. We had a good laugh. As far as terms today, “phat” annoys me. I’m not sure if that’s the correct spelling, but it can mean looks good, has a lot. I think it’s being used still, or is that a few years old?


    1. Hahaha, brothers! I agree with your thoughts on “phat”, I think women have battled with that for so long it can never be a comfortable term for us. Don’t ask me if it’s still being used, but you are welcome to come join me in my little out of it corner if you need to. Thanks for joining me.

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