Chasing the Moon

Whoooo-eee! It’s been so cold here lately and across the nationNow the holidays are upon us and we’re scurrying to get things done. Seriously, I can barely function when it’s so cold.

I was driving home last week and I got a glimpse of something on the horizon, but it was gone again as quick as it appeared. Then, another quick glimpse. It was the color of a ripe pumpkin and huge. Not just big, not super big, it was ginormous! It was the moon trying to rise above the hills, but I think it was just too heavy. It kept sinking back down to where I couldn’t see it.

From where I first saw it to home was about 10 miles and I kept thinking that I would pull over and take a quick photo with my cellphone because it was just so huge. Unfortunately it dipped behind the hill until I was almost home, but I still couldn’t stop and get a pic. So I just got myself home, and set up my camera on my tripod and waited…and waited. Where the heck was the darn moon? As I said it was cold, about 10 degrees so I kept going out to check on my mondo lunar friend.

It was about an hour before Mr. Moon peeked over the hill. It had lost its Harvest color and wasn’t quite as ginormous as before but it was still amazing. I got to snap a few shots before my fingers started to freeze and quit working. It was the best chase I’ve had in a while. dscn1065


I hope you enjoy your holidays, your families and I wish for you many new treasured memories. I hope you’ll share some of your favorite memories or your new traditions that you’re enjoying. Be happy, love and be loved



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