December Snow

It is funny how sometimes we have snow for Christmas, and other years it is dry as an old bone.  We have not been cheated this year.  Last night was obviously a very good night for snow.  Added to what was already on the ground, my husband had his hands full plowing us out.  And from inside the house, it was lovely!

These were our winter visitors before the big snowfall.

The first picture was taken this morning right after it got light.  And the second was taken later in the morning after the deer had wandered a bit and decided to rest under our trees.

My dogwood tree in the backyard is heavy with this snowfall, while the snow is trying to decide whether or not to fall off the gutter.  Probably will do that when I drive my car out of the garage.  And I love the look of my garden fence with all the snow clinging to it.

Well, love it or dislike it, snow is here for Christmas.  I wish everyone the happiest of holidays, whichever one it is.  Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.  And Happy Birthday, shan!

Thank you Judy for the birthday wishes. I love a white Christmas. I secretly wish for a white Christmas every year, I only wish it could be 75 degrees out with a white Christmas. I’ve been told I just want a Camalot…now I ask you…is that so wrong? By the way, that is a beautiful winter wonderland in those pictures. Thanks for sharing those with us Judy. Happy New Year to you and yours.  And also to all of you that join us in our adventures. I wish for you, health and happiness in the new year.   shan


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