It is what it is!

Seasons change.  People change.  The world is constantly changing.  Even history changes as facts are later found to be insufficient or invalid. But the fact of the matter is, some things never change.  It is what it is!   So just what is it that is always the same?

My tiny bit of the world has changed a lot.  Retirement, settling in a routine with a spouse 24 hours a day, finding new avenues of entertainment, and watching my grandchildren become adults with lives of their own.  I think that I truly miss having the grandchildren depend on me for the little things that I hope enriched their young lives.  Now, with jobs, college, significant others, I look forward to college graduation, forever relationships, weddings, great-grandchildren, and years (I hope) of being a grandma that they can still rely on.  It is what it is!



I know exactly what the you’re saying there, Judy. Sometimes the world moves so fast I feel like we’re going to be flung (is that a word?) into the atmosphere. My kids all have lives of their own (they never call, they never write) oh wait, that’s not entirely true. But I remember clearly being in that stage of life. You get busy cementing your career, trying to get ahead, raising your kids. You run all the time, almost literally. Everything is at an accelerated pace. Getting up, getting everyone ready, getting out the door. Run, run, run. No wonder we’re exhausted.

Then you get the reward of grand children. Oh what a reward that is. You’ve heard it a million times…there’s nothing like it, and there absolutely isn’t. I hope they see me as a strong stable force in their lives. When they were young and I got to pick them up from school, or take them for the day or weekend, I really felt like I was somebody. Don’t get me wrong, they still make me feel like that, but now they’re getting grown up and beginning their own lives. Relationships, engagements, careers. Wow, I think I better hang on, I feel things speeding up again.

It is, what it is…




2 thoughts on “It is what it is!”

  1. Yes it does seem like life is moving forward a little too quickly these days for me too. My daughter will graduate high school next year! I am very sad about this. But both your thoughts have left me with a smile, I suppose it is what it is. 🙂

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