In June of this year, my husband will retire. We’re planning on moving to the coast. Near the beach but not necessarily on the beach. So we’re downsizing…a lot! Our goal is to fit all our possessions in one truck. Well, one truck and one car. The size of truck is yet to be determined. Anyway, let me tell ya, downsizing is hard. All that stuff, it has feels. I mean, all those wonderful Christmas ornaments that my clients have given me have places in my heart. The one that was hand-made with the hand drawn scene on it, how can I live without that one? Oh and the Daddy, Mama and baby penguin given to me by a client of 25 years who passed away last year. Those cannot be given away. The antique penguin shirts paper mache penguin that I paid $40.00 for when my hubby and I were both unemployed and didn’t have any money to spare (did I mention I collect penguins?). When I came home and he was a little upset, (rightfully so) I told him that I passed it by 3 times before I bought it. He asked why I had to have it because it was so out of character for me. I said, “because it makes me happy”. We never had another discussion about why I bought that penguin. Now that’s some big feels right there! Of course it never stopped him from dragging guests to see the silly penguin that was almost the ruin of the Schmidt family. You can almost see that truck getting bigger can’t you?

Not the $40.00 penguin

Well, this weekend we had our son, daughter-in-law and the kids over for dinner. I asked her if she wanted to look at some of the Christmas things I was going to part with. So the ‘menfolk’ went outside to talk business or hunting or whatever and I started pulling out things one at a time. She kept saying sure she’d take that, and that. After the second box that she took everything that was there, I quit pulling things out and just started saying what was in the box.                                                          Me: Stuffed animals.                                                                                                                     Angel: I’ll take them.                                                                                                                               Me: More penguins.                                                                                                                                                     Angel: Sure, I’ll have a whole room just penguins next Christmas!                                       By the time they left their pickup bed was half full. See? I can downsize!


I love that girl! Now I know all my happy feels will have a good home and I can visit them when I come to visit at Christmas. Sometimes we just stress over things, but if we’d just let things flow, they’d work themselves out.

I know there will be other things that need to go to unknown homes and not everything will be this easy. It does help to have some smooth sailing in between the stormy seas. See what I did there with the whole beach/oceany thing, huh?

Changes happen whether we want them to or not. Usually in the long run they work out for the best. What kind of changes have you gone through, willingly or unwillingly?


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