All right, somebody fess up! Who upset Mother Nature? Seriously, somebody did something. This winter has really overstayed it’s welcome. I try not to complain about the weather. We live in an area that has 4 seasons…most of the time. Besides, if it’s too cold today, next month you’ll be complaining that it’s too hot, rainy, dry or some other “too”. I know, I know, it’s still winter. It’s just, well usually this time of year we are at least starting to think about spring and warm sunshine. It was 14 degrees when I went to bed last night. Now I ask you, how can I dream about romping in fields of wild flowers or basking in sweet warm sunshine when I’ve still got snow piled up to my ear lobes in my driveway?dscn1212

Scientists and weather geeks are happy because our snowpack is where it’s supposed to be. Skiers have had a good year and they’re ecstatic. They may be skiing into June if it keeps on. The snow plows are smiling through their blades. They’ve been  out and about so much this year they’re gonna need all summer to rest up.

One group that isn’t too happy though, is the wildlife. I have had 23 deer in my driveway almost every evening. We feed Year round and we usually have between 2 and 6 that come to dine consistently. Obviously word has gotten around that this is the place to be seen! Now we have some pretty great guests here at Casa d’Schmidt. At any given time we might have deer, pheasants, quail, and chickadees. Occasionally we have doves, elk and the rare moose. Of course we also get the unsavory from time to time, wild turkeys and magpies. In the night I know porcupines and coyotes venture in. The point is, everything is hungry. The snow has been on the ground for a very long time this year and with the below zero temperatures it’s got a hard shell on top of it. This all makes it hard for the critters to get down to the food or even to walk on it.

So we will continue to feed. We’re up to 34 at last count, wayward deer looking for a handout. They don’t care if I’ve had a long day at work, or if I’ve already taken off my shoes. They don’t know that I’ve been stuffed up with a terrible sinus headache. They know that they are hungry, that their babies are hungry. They know that the fields that normally have grass and hay stubble are covered and that there is no vegetation to get to. And they know that if they stare in my window long enough with their big brown eyes that I will put my shoes on and bring them some corn or veggie scraps from my crisper. I will do this because my husband is a hunter (no, he doesn’t hunt in our yard) and for many years, when our children were young, we had meat on our table. My children had food to eat when we were struggling to make ends meet. So yes I will feed these critters when they come to visit. dscn1402

Soon, I hope sooner than later, spring will begin to show her face. Crocuses will poke up through the ground and the trees will begin to bud. And soon this long, long winter will be a memory. A very distant memory.

How has your winter been? Are you ready for spring or are you still enjoying the winter that won’t quit?


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