Partners and Ideas

When shan and I started this blog, I was so excited.  I had never attempted to do anything like this.  Just sit down and write what you think, feel or experience.  That can mean a whole lot of different things, and I know now that I don’t have a clue as to what you would be interested in hearing about.  I read shan’s other blog, “retirizer”, and this lady writes well and has such great topics.  How do you do it?  Talented, that’s what she is.  And that makes for a good partnership……..She carries me.  I thank her for that.

And on to a new challenge.  shan mentioned to me one day, that she thought that we should try to get a “theme” going on our blog. (She is trying to motivate me!)  And, well, it worked.  My dull mind captivated on the idea and the proverbial light bulb came on, and I said; why of course I can do this.   Let’s do the alphabet!!! And what we came up with, I hope, will entertain you.

Well, my partner in crime here flatters. Thank you Judy. I don’t carry her, I strapped a pair of roller skates on her and now I’m pushing her. If we find a slope she’ll be flying. You should hear her tell a story, she’s a crack-up. I’m just pushing her to write like she tells stories. Do you see a theme here? I’m pushy, lol. 

When we started, we didn’t want a theme for our blog. We come from different walks of life and we thought that could be fun. We aren’t going to teach you rocket surgery, but we might show you how to make a necklace or “Dirt Cake”. We will definitely show you photos we make on our photo Wednesday Drives. Mainly we just want to have fun and talk to you all. Yeah, I’m not from Texas so I didn’t apostrophe the two words together y’all. I think that’s how they do it down there. 

So, we are going to start this A,B,C series. Not really a theme, but each week we’ll write about, show photos or share something starting with the letters of the alphabet. Please join us, you never know what we’ll come up with. 


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