First thing that comes to mind is alphabet soup.  But, since that isn’t what really got me thinking about this project, I will skip it for now and forever.  I don’t think it was ever one of my favorite soups.

I think that I should take you back in time, many, many years cuz I am old, and I am reminded of an “A” situation that happened when I was a toddler.  Not many things that happened when I was that old, that I would remember, but I do remember this experience.

Back then, everyone seemed to smoke cigarettes, Mom, Dad, Aunts, Uncles….just everyone.  Lots and lots of dirty ole’ ashtrays laying all over the place.  My folks had driven over to Yakima to visit relatives.  And lucky me, I got to go along.  And I should mention, one of my great-aunts was a nurse, which came in handy.  Curiosity got the better of me as it does in all small children, and all the white/gray ash in the little glass ashtrays looked interesting.  What would happen if I blew the “ASHES” like Mom and Dad blew the smoke from their cigarettes?  Well, I sure found out.  My great-aunt spent a lot of time getting the ashes out of my eyes.  I was a very unhappy 3 year old.


Another “A”


I love to fly.  I sometimes wish that I would have had a job that allowed me to travel, but that was not to be.  So I just enjoy travel now, especially “AIRPLANES”.  A couple of years ago, we had such a dry summer that the fire danger was very high.  We live with a view of Lake Spokane so that summer we watched fire planes dip water out of the lake with some regularity.  But one day, the planes were more frequent, and when we investigated, the fire was quite close, you could see the smoke just over a hill from the end of our driveway.  It was moving away from us and we weren’t in any danger, so I ran and got my camera and took some pictures.  The fire was put out quickly and I thank the powers that be for these firefighters who take such good care of all of us.  The pilots of the fire planes are sooooo good.  We watched them expertly drop water and chemicals and put out the fire.  I watched a pilot plane guide in a large plane with chemicals, fascinated at how accurate they were, flying through all the smoke.  Those guys are terrific.  I wonder just how many people realize just how much risk there is in putting out a fire.  Glad it isn’t my job, and thankful for those who do have those jobs.



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