There are so many “B” words that bring great memories to mind.  Or that is what was supposed to happen.  So, here I sit before my keyboard, and all that is coming to my mind is “blank”.  This was supposed to be easy, shan!  Maybe if I sit here long enough, I will remember what it was that I had thought about while we were discussing this before.  I even had a long list started in my head so that I would be prepared…….ha!  Big fat funny!

35 minutes later and I still can’t find my list.  I know I wrote this down somewhere!  I think that I should be concerned.

45 minutes later and I gave up trying to find my list.  Now, I am not looking in my head (an impossible feat for anyone), but went through my computer, looking and looking.  Nowhere to be found.  But…..decided that I would start over and make a new one.  And, as I started the list, what do you know? That very “B” just popped into my brain and here you are…….

Shan and I both live in the country.  If you have read any of our previous blogs, you know that outside our homes live plenty of wildlife.  Keep that in mind as I tell you about this experience that I had several summers ago.  I am getting ready to head down to the Oregon Coast (aw, beach, a “B” word) with my granddaughters who are asleep upstairs and I am getting the car packed, my way!  My husband is heading for bed leaving me to my own devious ways of packing.  The garage is attached and access to the luggage is wonderful, lights on in the hallway and garage, the rest of the house dark and sleepy.  Until something swoops by me as I am stepping into the garage with my hands full.  OMG!  It’s a “BAT”.  And that is what I hurry into the bedroom to tell Dick.  “Get up!  It’s a bat!”  And I rush back out of the bedroom to find out if it is still downstairs and hasn’t gone up to visit with the girls.

Dick gets a net to catch that flying mouse and gets situated on the stairs so that he can get a better swipe at it while it makes figure 8’s in the family room.  I, meanwhile, have panicked and maintained a position in the hallway looking for a hat to throw on my head.  I read somewhere that they can get tangled in your hair….now I don’t know if that is true or not, but I wasn’t taking any chances.  After several attempts to get it from the stairs and missing because that silly thing was staying up by the cathedral ceiling, it appeared to tire some and was looking for a landing spot.  And Dick got it in the net.  And out the front door.  What a great start to my holiday!


Oregon Coast 2009 023

And there is the second “B” word!  Beach!  Not Granddaughters…….so cute then, beautiful young women now.



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