Alphabet Soup “B”


My hubby retires this summer. We’ve talked about moving to the beach for years. We’ve decided to just do it. So we’ve been pairing down, getting rid of and preparing to do just that. We plan on keeping very little. A few pieces of furniture, our clothes and some sentimental items.

We live on 7 1/2 acres so we use a tractor to plow our driveway in the winter. After the first snow, our tractor broke down. It’s old and tired but Bob has always been able to fiddle with it and sweet talk it and get it going again. Not this time. The first year in forever that we really needed it. We have a 4 wheeler with a plow on it but this year we got a lot of snow. That poor little 4 wheeler was begging for spring…of course so we’re we.

A few weeks ago, Bob noticed that the dryer was growling and very loud. But, it still worked! Last week when he came home the washing machine wouldn’t spin all the water out unless you reset it to spin again. One of the joys of buying sets of appliances…they all go at once. Yesterday when he got home the washer was intermittently growling and humming as it spun. Aarrgghh! Breakdown. Total breakdown of the laundry system. C’mon man! We live a ways out of town so it would cost us quite a bit to have both repaired. I checked around and found an appliance refurbishing place. They had a washer and dryer set for $250. For both pieces? Yep, both and they have a 90 day warranty! That’s about what it would cost to have someone come all the way out here and fix both the washer and dryer…and who knows if they would have all the parts needed on their truck, or if we’d need to wait for parts. We are retiring and moving in less than 6 months and didn’t plan on taking the washer/dryer with us so a 90 day warranty works perfectly for us right now. Now I don’t know about you but my washer and dryer work pretty hard and I like them at the ready, all the time!


So off we go, pickup and trailer, through town, raining pitchforks and wallabies. Have I mentioned that we’ve had the wettest April on record? The appliance refurbishing place has just what we need. The pair are not brand new, but they’re in good shape.”Load em up boys, Mama’s got laundry to do”! Poor Bob, he was soaked by the time he got them tied down on the trailer. I did offer to help but he said no. Yay for me! 30 minutes in and out. We’re headed home baby!

We’re feeling pretty good about all this as we head home through the driving rain. Windshield wipers slinging the water away in sheets. Whoosh whoosh, whoosh whoosh, whoosh whomp. Ummm this isn’t right. The driver’s side wiper is working…whooshing. The passenger side, my side is stopped in the up position, so the other one catches on it as it swipes and then flips up and over the frozen one as it tries to whoosh on it’s merry way. We pull over and Bob tries the on/off trick. Nope! The right wiper does make it’s way down into it’s resting position but that’s it. Not going anywhere else…breakdown. Yep but, I guess we’re lucky. Only one side died, the passenger side. We were able to get home safely. Another hour or so and the washer and dryer were set up and working. I’m sorry to say, the windshield wiper is still dead as a can of corned beef, but it should get some attention this weekend.

So my B word is breakdown, but as I type that there are a couple other b words that come to mind. Although, we were lucky, we were able to find what we needed and got things back up and running. Why oh why does bad luck come in groups? One breakdown at a time is enough for anyone. Chin up, it’s gonna get better…I hope.


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