Alphabet Soup “C”

I rather thought this was pretty funny, mainly because it didn’t happen to me.  Now that might sound terrible, but I assure you, no one was hurt (pride, maybe?), no one injured but just plain embarrassed.  And to say the least, my sense of humor is just a bit skewed, which is why I laugh at outrageous things.

So, just a little background.  My granddaughters have just moved out of the family home into a place of their own.  And my daughter insists that their pets are also going with them as she and her husband are not at home that much, and the cats were, after all, brought home by the girls.  So moving day arrives and I happen to be over at my daughter’s house when the youngest granddaughter shows up to move the cats, both of them.  And I am there to watch the hijinks.  Needless to say, it turns out to be a real circus.

First, all the cat supplies are loaded in the car.  Next comes the cat carrier, and the older cat starts to run, he knows what is in store.  My daughter grabs him and tries to get him into the carrier which would have worked if she had four arms and hands that could have pried his legs from around the outside of the door to the carrier.  And my granddaughter and I were laughing so hard that we couldn’t and didn’t do anything to help.  When she finally gave up, she handed me the stubborn cat which I held onto all the way to the car.  The other cat was easier to catch but didn’t want anything to do with the carrier either…….he had watched the older cat’s performance earlier.  So my daughter with one cat and me with the other, we waited until my granddaughter brought the car around and we put the cats into the car one at a time.  The younger cat was first and it jumped quickly into the back seat of the car and ran all over, with no attempt to settle down.  I was beginning to feel a little skeptical about this time, but my granddaughter assured me that I didn’t have anything to worry about, she really didn’t have that far to go.  And so I handed the last whiney cat through the window to her and he settled right down in her lap.  And before she could drive off, the “skitso” kitty settled right down in it’s bed.  A job well done?


You would think so, but unfortunately, that isn’t what happened.  My daughter and I are sitting at the table having a quiet cup of coffee when her cell phone rings.  It is my granddaughter letting us know that the cats have arrived.  And her mother owes her a detailing for her car and a new set of clothes as the older cat peed all over her on the way home.  After stifling her laughter (mine, not so), she told her daughter that the cats still were her responsibility and that we had no say in what was happening at that point. And got off the phone quickly before the laughter got the better of her.  And that is the tail of my “cat”astrophe.  And that is my “C” word for this week.


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