It’s 3:30 in the morning, and I have been awake for a full hour.  I decided to give my poor husband a sleep break so here I am, sitting in front of a computer screen when I should be nestling my head against my pillow.  And even though, for me anyway, it is soooooo very early, I will just sit here and share some thoughts and/or memories with you.

Last summer my granddaughter took a trip with a good friend to visit his folks in Hawaii.  And they had a great time because they didn’t have a care about the dog that they left behind in my care.  You see, I love animals, and at this moment we have no pets.  So, I “pet-sit” for my grandkids.  I am really a push-over when it comes to dogs and cats. We always had dogs when the kids were growing up, so it was natural for me to say yes when they asked if I would watch the dog for them.  And I understood Bentley was a rescue dog and that they hadn’t had him very long, and they felt bad about boarding him while they were gone.  Long story-short; we were going to have a pet for 10 days.  Yea for me!


We met Bentley a couple of days before they left so we could get acquainted.  He seemed to like us, and loved being outside to be able to run on all the acreage we have. So, the day arrives as does Bentley.  He seems to settle in okay, but is a little shy with us.  Then he claimed his domain.  He settled on a traffic area between the kitchen counter and the windows and proceeded to start a low growl on anyone that approached the area.  Then came the darting out from under the bar stools at the counter and nipping at the shoes of anyone who came close.  But the final straw fell when he decided to bite my husband on the leg.  After that, the poor dog was relegated to the garage that he guarded with zest.  And he was still pampered—-by me.  After all, I wasn’t the one who got bit.   Bentley and I spent hours walking the property and playing with his toys.  I spent a lot of time in the garage during the next 8 days and Bentley was very content out there.  We didn’t know a lot of background on him, and played most everything by ear.  He still barked at everyone that came close, but that eased a lot near the end of his visit.  He even made up with my husband.

When the kids got back home, it was sad to see Bentley leave. He really is a sweet and loving dog.  And he has now become so much more accustomed to people, he has quit biting, at least I am told that.  I hope so!  Dogs! I love them!


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