There’s a small town in Oregon on a tiny little harbor. It’s where my heart lives. Depoe Bay! It’s a wonderful place with the ocean on one side of the road and shopping on the other. It’s the “whale watching capital of the Oregon coast”. The waves run below lava beds building pressure and sending water up through spouting horns along the sea wall sometimes shooting water so far that the street is soaking wet and it even hits the store fronts across the 4 lane highway.

DSCF6545The harbor is the smallest navigable harbor in the world at only 6 square acres, and the channel out of the harbor to the ocean is very narrow. It’s fun and a little scary to watch the boats coming and going through the channel which is only about 40 feet wide and 8 feet deep at low tide. It’s a bit nerve wracking on a boat too, as it goes under the bridge and through this channel.

The first whale I ever saw, not in captivity, was just north of Depoe Bay. We were driving along highway 101 and I saw a spout. Of course I couldn’t believe my eyes until I saw the second one. I started shouting…”STOP, STOP, A WHALE! I SAW A WHALE!” Nobody believed me but we stopped and watched and sure enough, we all saw it. That was the beginning. We visit there every year and there have only been a couple times that we haven’t seen whales.

DSCF3894My Mom and Sister and I used to go together every year. When my oldest grandson was 3 or 4 we started taking him with us. Free Willy was the big movie then and the whale used in the film was in an aquarium near Depoe Bay. Joey was so excited, he told everyone along the way and invited them to come along. Our car would have been awfully full if they’d all taken him up on it.

When Joey’s twin brothers were old enough we took them too. My sister’s grandson came along one time and eventually my hubby started going too. He took a little extra training. We don’t ask questions, if someone wants to see something down this street or that road we just go and see what we can see. He’s a pro now, and we can sit at the sea wall in Depoe Bay watching for whales for hours. Depoe Bay has that effect on people, calming and comforting. I think I’ll move there someday…at least near there.

I’m a little behind on my Alphabet Soup schedule. You see, we just returned from visiting my magical little harbor of Depoe Bay. It didn’t disappoint, we saw whales, and we sat at the sea wall, watching the boats and the waves. I’m recharged and feel like I can tackle anything now. We’ll almost anything. Zombies, I’m not sure I can tackle zombies, but you never know.

Do you have a special place? One that tugs at you to return time after time? A magical place that restores you? Where is your Depoe Bay?


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