Would you like to know about us?

Hi! I’m shannon, a 30 something Nailtech nearing retirement. Well, not exactly 30 something unless that something is another 20 somethings. But that’s how it feels. Nobody tells you that old, doesn’t feel old. It feels, like it always has…like life.

So life is what I live and love. It’s always an adventure. As Judy stated below, we’ve known each other for years. Over the last few years we’ve started getting together for short photography road trips.  We call them our photo Wednesday’s. We learn from one another and toot each other’s horns.

Who doesn’t love that? We do a lot of the same things, crafts, cooking, photography. So, hey, why not start a blog together. As much as we are alike, we are different and that is what we have to offer. Soon, you will get to know us and hopefully enjoy a ride-along on whatever adventure we decide to take on.

I’ve been married to my best friend Bob for 33 years, we have 3 children and 10 grandchildren.  They make the world go round. If you don’t have any, I highly recommend you get some. Now that’s living! All our kids are out on their own so we got a dog, so now we are owned by this adorable creature named Jasper. I’ll introduce you to him later. He keeps us laughing everyday.

I’ve been told that I should tell you 3 unique things about me, so don’t judge.

  1. I used to collect penguins and had over 1000 of them
  2. I quote random lines from movies, usually slightly different than the original.
  3. I never capitalize my name and haven’t since 7th grade.

There! Now you know me. We’ll get better acquainted as we go. So, let’s go…


Hi, I’m Judy.  To start a blog…….quite the challenge.

Not that I haven’t had challenges in my life, but at my age (72), this seems unlikely to be the best thing for me to be doing.  Then my friend, Shannon, talked me into writing down my thoughts and interests. Dreams for the future.  I plan on having one, my mother just turned 93, and my grandmother lived until 92…..see, longevity!

Shannon and I have been friends for close to 30 years, but in the last few, we have become good friends with lots of activities and interests in common.  Both of us have raised our families, still have the same husband, live in the country, enjoy photography, cooking, hobbies, crafts of all kinds, and animals.  Shan has a better insight for the animals than I do, as I only see the wild ones that live in my garden all summer and proceed to eat all my flowers.

We want to share this blog so that you can hear from both of us.

Lately Shan and I have taken a few trips to capture some fabulous images on our oh, so wonderful cameras.  Well, at least I think that most of them are fabulous.  It is amazing just how much fun it is to compare our shots, showing how we can both take pictures of the same thing, yet see it with a different eye.  In later blog entries, I will attempt to show you just what I mean.

My husband and I both grew up, for the most part, in Spokane.  We moved briefly to Seattle after we got married, but because we wanted to start our family right away, decided that we best move back to Spokane to raise our children.  Both children are married, have 2 children each, and are currently sending them through college.  I am very proud of my family, all children and spouses have jobs that they enjoy, and I have 4 wonderful grandchildren who are the light of my life.  My husband and I are both retired now and I sometimes wonder how I could get so darn busy after fulltime work.  There are always things that are taking my precious time lately and I wonder how I ever found time to work full time, keep up a house, and find time for activities.  I like to golf.  And I am an avid reader.  I make costume jewelry, and hope to show you some at a later date.  I have a lathe and have turned bowls and candlesticks, but nothing fancy.  And crafts, I love to do crafts.  I tried my best to get my grandchildren interested in all kinds of crafts, and some of it actually rubbed off.

And now a blog! YOU did WHAT? Can hear my children now, and my husband, all asking that “question”.  So here I go, and maybe it won’t be just you and I, Shan, reading each others musings.  I really think that I am going to like this.  Maybe even start a blog page to tell about our “fun trips”.

Sooner than later!!


P.S. We will add pictures later.